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Един младеж Smileсимпатяга. Не намерих на БГ, та това е...- засега приятно слушане

Voltaire (legal name Aurelio Voltaire Hernández) (born January 25, 1967, in Havana, Cuba[1]), is a popular dark cabaret Cuban-American musician. His stage name is his given middle name, which he shares with the famous French Enlightenment writer François-Marie Arouet.

Voltaire is also an experienced animator and comic artist, and is a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York
In the past, when asked about his real name, Voltaire avoided the question or implied that his real name is in fact Voltaire.[3]
According to the School of Visual Arts where he is employed as a professor, Voltaire's real name is Aurelio Voltaire Hernández. Voltaire attributes "Acoustic Guitar and Vocals" on Ooky Spooky to Aurelio Voltaire Hernández, confirming that is his real name. Since then he has signed his name as Aurelio Voltaire, and is more open about it in public appearances.
oltaire chose to use his middle name as his performance name because his namesake "saw through the hypocrisies of humanity and commented on them through satire. In essence, he was able to educate people about the world around them by making them laugh."


As a child, Voltaire imigrated to New Jersey with his family. However, he states that he did not enjoy residing there.[1] At the age of ten, Voltaire was inspired by the films of Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad), and began animating on a super 8 camera. By piecing together snippets of information from fanzines, he eventually was able to teach himself how to make foam rubber animation models and animate them. At the age of 17, he moved to New York and got his first job as an animator with Parker Brothers.[2] Voltaire says that he loves New York, and that the only other place he would be happy living is Tokyo.

Musical career

Voltaire’s music has strong roots and connections to European folk as well as other influences such as the goth scene.[2] However, many listeners find his music hard to classify. Although it has a sound reminiscent of European folk music,[2] many people claim it to be darkwave; perhaps as this is a label often given to many other artists from Projekt Records, and a word often used to mean many things by the label themselves.[6] His music has also been linked to cabaret, with Lexicon Magazine using the term 'goth cabaret', possibly referring to dark cabaret, a term often used to describe some bands Voltaire cites as his influences. New Wave has also been used to describe Voltaire's music by some reviewers.[7] Voltaire describes his own music as- 'Music for a parallel universe where electricity was never invented and Morrissey is the queen of England.' He claims that bands and artists who influenced his music are Rasputina, Morrissey, Tom Waits, Cab Calloway, and Danny Elfman.[8]
The first band that Voltaire played in was called First Degree which he participated in during junior high school. At this age, he was a fan of Duran Duran, but then began listening to gothic music, most notably bands such as Bauhaus and The Cure. It wasn't until later that he began participating in the goth scene; it did not at first occur to him that there was a goth scene at all.
As an adult, Voltaire formed a band which included a violin, a cello, drums, and himself as the vocalist and the acoustic guitar player. Within a year, Projekt Records signed them and by June of 1998 they released their first album called The Devil's Bris. Two years later their second album, Almost Human was released.[5]
One of Voltaire’s popular hits is "BRAINS!", a song written for the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (back when it was Grim & Evil), aired in the episode Little Rock of Horror. He also wrote "The Land of the Dead" for "Billy and Mandy's Big Boogie Adventure", which plays in the opening sequence.[9]
As an avid fan of Star Trek, Voltaire frequently attends science fiction conventions (such as I-CON and Dragon Con) and released a four track EP called Banned on Vulcan. It was a set of comedy recordings poking fun at characters from the show.

On the side, Voltaire is also the lead vocalist of an New York City based new wave quintet known as The Oddz.[10]
Voltaire also performed a musical special for Artix Entertainment in their MMO game "AdventureQuest Worlds," altering some of his songs in "To the Bottom of the Sea" to suit their standards. Over 32,000 players attended. It was released on Friday 8:00PM Friday the Thirteenth of March, 2009. He has done other things with the team before the event, though.
It has been confirmed by Voltaire himself that his next album will be an "Alt Country" CD, as well as a children's CD, which would feature his previous works for Cartoon Network, as well as other age-appropriate songs. Some confirmed songs:
Hate Lives in a Small Town, All Women Are Crazy, When You're Dead, Stubborn As A Mule, The Churchyard, On The Road, You Married a Fool, Fear And Anguish.

And Possibly more will be included.

Band members

Although often credited and pictured as a soloist,[9] Voltaire has a band. His band occasionally features in live acts[11], but does not feature on his live album, Live!.[12] The current lineup is:
Vocals/Guitar - Voltaire
Violin - Gregor Kitzis
Cello - Matthew Goeke
Trumpet, Clarinet - Kiku Collins
Bass - George Grant
Drums - Glenn Sorino
Drums - Stephen Moses
Drums - Grisha Alexiev[8]
Accordion - Melissa


Voltaire was able to land his first directing job in 1988 with MTV, creating the classic "MTV-Bosch" station ID in the style of Hieronymus Bosch. The stop-motion tour of the hellish Garden of Earthly Delights won several awards including a Broadcast Design Award. He has also made morbid station IDs for clients such as Cartoon Network, U.S., and the Sci-Fi channel.

Besides his work with commercials, he has made short films and series such as Rakthavira and Chi-Chian. Chi-Chian is now a 14 episode flash animated series on the Sy-Fy Channel's website.[13] Before that Chi-Chian started out as a graphic novel series that included 6 issues (published by Sirius Entertainment) which eventually evolved into the flash animated series.

He currently teaches stop-motion animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as well as animating, directing and singing.

Voltaire's song, "Land of the Dead", was featured in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, in addition to his song "BRAINS!", which served to narrate the underlying plot of one of the show's earlier episodes entitled "Little Rock of Horrors".

Adventure Quest Worlds

Voltaire, has appeared twice on the online MMO Adventure Quest Worlds. His first appearance was on the first Friday the 13th of the game's first year to the public, where an avatar of himself quested with players to find the cursed guitar of Skullpunch Island. The second was in November 13, 2009, another Friday, where he performed a concert in the middle of the game's main town of Battleon ("Battle on"). That year, the quest had been to find his cursed hat with an ebil (cute evil) bear named Deady. In both appearances, he has written AQW versions of his songs that play in the backgrounds of his quests. In the Friday the 13th event in August 2010 featuring George Lowe and One Eyed Doll, he performed the original song "Goodnight Demonslayer."

Art and writing career

In addition to Chi-Chian, Voltaire has also produced a graphic novel series called Oh My Goth!, also known as OMG!, started out as his own little religious tracts inspired by Jack Chick. It started as 8 page booklets which included him being chased by minions of Satan as they would try to prevent him from playing his next show. These short pieces would often lead to information about his next show. After two issues of the Chi-Chian series were published, he convinced Sirius Entertainment to publish his Oh My Goth! series, which included four issues that were later molded into a graphic novel. Voltaire has also made a sequel to the OMG series called Oh My Goth! Humans Suck![14]

In addition to those, Voltaire has also produced a DEADY series as well as releasing books such as What is Goth? and Paint it Black.

In early 2004, for his DEADY graphic novel, Voltaire signed a deal with Toy2R. The first toy that was created was a 2-inch posable DEADY key chain for the company's "Qee Bear". It was released at San Diego Comic Con. The figure ended up selling out at the Con and because it did so well, the second figure was created in January 2005 which was an 8-inch DEADY deady figure (it could be redeemed on aqworlds for a rare non-member only digital pet).[15] In June 2007 the Deady Minigame was released on, a site hosting various minigames created by Artix Entertainment. AE's Massively multiplayer online game AQWorlds also featured a Friday the 13th event featuring songs by Voltaire. Voltaire voiced his in-game persona for the occasion. In 2008, Voltaire shot the Animation short film X-Mess Detritus.[16] The movie was the third film of his directorial career; the others are Transrexia (1993), Rakthavira (1994) and Transrexia II (2008). Along with the powerful Lick of the Fonz

Personal life

Voltaire married his long-time girlfriend, Jayme, on October 1, 2009 at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York City.[17] His son, Mars, was born in 1998.

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The Devil's Bris (1998) (Projekt Records)
Almost Human (2000) (Projekt Records)
Banned on Vulcan (2001) (Projekt Records)
Boo Hoo (2002) (Projekt Records)
Then And Again (2004) (Projekt Records)
Deady Sings! (2004) (Projekt Records)
Zombie Prostitute... (2006) (Projekt Records)
Live! (2006) (Self released)[18]
Ooky Spooky (2007) (Projekt Records)
To the Bottom of the Sea (2008) (Self released)


Tracks by Voltaire also appeared on these compilation albums, sorted by year.

1999- Unquiet Grave #3 (Cleopatra Records) Featured a remix of the song "The Man Upstairs".

2000-Promo 11 (Projekt Records)Featured the song "Anastasia".

2001Promo 12 (Projekt Records)Featured the song "Anastasia".Tori Amos Tribute: Songs of a Goddess (Cleopatra Records)
Featured the song "Caught a Lite Sneeze".

2002-Promo 17 (Projekt Records)Featured "The Vampire Club".Projekt: Gothic (Projekt Records)Featured the song "When You're Evil".

2003-Projekt: The New Face of Goth (Projekt Records)Featured the songs "BRAINS!" and "Goodnight Demon Slayer".Promo 21 (Projekt Records)Featured the song "The Vampire Club".

2004-Strange as Angels (Failure to Communicate Records)Featured the song "Lovesong".Holiday Single 1 (Projekt Records)
Featured the song "Peace in the Holy Land", by Voltaire, featuring Unto Ashes.Promo 20 (Projekt Records)Featured the song "The Vampire Club"Promo 23 (Projekt Records)Featured the song "The Vampire Club"

2005-A Dark Noel (Projekt Records)Featured the song "Peace in the Holy Land", by Voltaire, featuring Unto Ashes.

2006-Where's Neil When You Need Him? (Dancing Ferret Discs)Featured the song "Come Sweet Death", by The Oddz, with Voltaire.The Projekt Almost Free CD (Projekt Records)Featured the song "Cannibal Buffet (Promo Mix)"CONTAMINATION: A Tribute to David Bowie (Failure to Communicate Records)Featured the song "China Girl".

2007-Almost Free CD 2007.1 (Projekt Records)Featured the song "Zombie Prostitute".

2008-To The Bottom Of The Sea (Mars Needs Music)Voltaire's first wholly self-produced and self-released album.Songs from the album were performed by Voltaire through an avatar in the online game AdventureQuest Worlds.

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